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Do You Want To Become An Efficient And Confident Trader Too?


Listen, trading can get discouraging at times. Even professional traders have losing months and unforeseen things happen, (like the Brexit disaster or US Election results). But all jokes asides the knocks to one’s confidence usually start while you’re still learning. Because, as a beginner, Forex courses are just too expensive, not to mention time-consuming, and for new traders, returns can be abysmal and demotivating. But it’s not your fault. You just need a team of mentors who care about your success as much as they care about their own. And you just need a program that doesn’t cost the earth.

What Does FX Foundations Do?


We’re a team of full-time professional traders with more than 40 years experience in trading the markets. We’re also teachers and mentors. But make no mistake, we’re not one of those people who retired from a failing trading career just to start teaching. We’re a team of active traders, and proud to manage the FXF Private Equity Fund that returns consistently 40%+ year on year.

You see, we’re in the trading trenches with you.

And we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge so you can have financial freedom too. That’s why we offer training programs designed to take you from complete beginner to consistent earner. Even if you have no clue what a pip means, you too can learn how to trade! Plus, we offer programs that give new traders a complete system designed to save time, and minimise losses.

Home FX Foundations
Home FX Foundations

Trading For The FXF Group, Anywhere In The World!


We know you are keen to experience success in this field, and not just from a revenue generation perspective. We all want to make the climb up the career ladder, well with the FXF Group, you just got one step closer. We are expanding and our team and we are hiring Remote Traders from all over the world!

So when you join FXF, we give you that first step towards changing your career. We fund EVERY SINGLE one of our students who enrol onto our training programmes with the expectation of climbing that ladder and making it onto the FXF trade floor. And when you follow our step-by-step programme you’ll be much closer to becoming a full-time trader with all the time in the world!

Wherever you reside, get in touch as we will be sure to help you on your way to achieving those lifetime goals and success.

How Can FXF Help You?


We don’t just hand out theory. We use our own trading strategies to teach you how to trade like a professional. In fact, we want you to copy us! We set you up for success so you can achieve consistent market wins while you learn. And when you’re ready, you’ll also have the chance to learn how to work with an entire fund.

Over the last few years we have proven our success to 1000’s of students, and when you read their testimonials, you’ll see exactly how you can benefit too. Whether you’re a beginner and want to learn how to trade, or a new trader who needs a better trading plan, FXF lays your foundations.

Home FX Foundations

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