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About FX Foundations

Who Are FX Foundations?


FX Foundations are a team of Traders, Market Analysts and Financial experts based in London, UK with over 40 years combined industry experience. In addition to our service work with private funds, high net worth individuals and newbie traders we also run the FXF Private Capital Fund that consistently returns 40%+ each year. And as you know, we take a limited number of beginners and trainee traders every year through our affordable training programs.

But while we’re busy helping folks make a fortune (… including ourselves), we’ve never forgotten what it’s like as a beginner or an uncertain new trader.

We were just like you.

You wake up each day knowing there’s something better for you. You’ve seen countless people making money in Forex, and you’ve seen fortunes won in the blink of an eye. You have the same desire we do to maintain a level of wealth that lets you live life on your terms. But it’s not only the money, it’s that exciting rush you feel when you win on a trade, a feeling of knowledge, power and achievement. And it’s that confidence and security knowing you can make money anytime, without having to scrimp and struggle for it during the hours of 9-5.

When we were beginners and new traders we also faced the same frustrating challenges as you. Courses that punched above their weight, charging the earth but failing to return on investment. Traders who were too busy to help us with our so-called “noob questions”. Methods that were only set up for certain people to succeed, and market information that was censored for us students while our trading mentors kept the real intelligence to themselves. And don’t get me started on all those scams, we got sucked in to a few of those too.

Sure, we’re important traders, but we’re not too important to look after you.

So that’s why we give you the very same detailed intelligence we rely on for our daily trading. And that’s why we’re available anytime for you to talk about your trading plan and show you how to win while you’re still learning. And that’s why we’re more than happy to offer you a free ‘Learn To Trade’ School, followed by inexpensive monthly mentorship, training seminars and access to our very own trading software and templates. And that’s why we let you look over our shoulder while we trade in our own private fund! If you’re determined to learn, we’re determined to help you succeed.

Finally, we’re also recruiters! When you complete our FXF Fund Foundations Program, you’ll have the opportunity to join our winning trading team too!


Discover who you will be working with

Meet The FXF Team


FX Foundations is at its core a trading organisation. Our core team has the benefit of more than 4 decades of financial services industry experience between them, as well as plenty of experience delivering forex trading ideas, specific consultation and in-depth forex training programmes.

We are made up of an ever-expanding mix of traders, technical analysts and fund managers with experience in a wide variety of industries, and both public and private sectors. In the end, this allows us to provide the services our clients and subscribers need, whatever they may be and what details affect their strategies the most.

Take a peek at our team profiles and you will see the benefits of joining such an organisation. We only ever work with or employ individuals who we know will benefit our organisation.

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