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Free FX Trading School FX Foundations

Free FX Trading School FX Foundations
Free FX Trading School FX Foundations

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Free FX Trading School FX Foundations

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Free FX Trading School FX Foundations

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FXF Trading School For Beginners (Free)

If you’re a beginner and ready to learn about trading from the ground up, FX Trading School is where you start. This 20 Module Course is designed to take you from total newbie to Forex ready. FXF Trading School walks you step-by-step through basic terminology, and cautionary advice right through to setting up your first trade. Even if you have zero knowledge, FXF Trading School gives you the confidence to get started, and the motivation to keep going!

You’ll also get to engage with our Senior Traders, get a Free 1:1 Mentoring Session and watch live Forex trade setups. So don’t wait another day, your future in trading starts now. Enrol for free today.

Course Section 1 
Introductory Glossary Of Terms and Simple Reference

Course Section 3 How To Trade Forex Successfully

Chapter 1 – Choosing Well From The Start

Chapter 2 – Prepare To Be Immersed In Options

Course Section 5 Forex Charts And Timeframes

Chapter 1 – An Intro Into Various Forex Chart Types

Chapter 2 – Candlestick Charts

Chapter 3 – Line Charts

Chapter 4 – Bar Charts

Chapter 5 – Charting Time Frames and Trader Types

Chapter 6 – Trading Chart Terms Recap

Chapter 7 – Alternative Chart Types – Point and Figure

Chapter 8 – Renko Charts

Course Section 7 Setting Up a Trade

Chapter 1 – Choosing Ideal Pairs To Trade

Chapter 2 – Setting Up A Trade

Course Section 9 Calculating Profit and Loss in Forex Trading

Chapter 1 – Prioritising Profit Is Your Protection

Chapter 2 – Pulling In The Pips – The Pip Calculator

Chapter 3 – Leverage With Lot Sizes

Chapter 4 – Pull The Trigger with Clear and Correct Terminology

Chapter 5 – Money Management in Forex Trading

Chapter 6 – Slippage and Spread – Forex Awareness

Chapter 7 – Trade Spot Forex, Contracts For Difference or Spread Bet?

Course Section 11 Your Journey to Become a Professional, Successful Forex Trader

Chapter 1 – It’s a Process, Not An Event

Chapter 2 – The Early Stages of A Forex Trader

Chapter 3 – The Forex Journey – The Path To Stardom

Course Section 13 Technical Market Analysis

Chapter 1 – Looking Closer At The Types Of Market Analysis

Chapter 2 – Where Is Value To Be Found?

Chapter 3 – Price Points To Triggers

Chapter 4 – Support and Resistance Levels

Chapter 5 – Open, High, Low, Close

Chapter 6 – Price Support

Chapter 7 – Price Resistance

Chapter 8 – Combining Strategies: OHLC and Japanese Candlestick Trading

Chapter 9 – Candlesticks in the Context of Timeframes

Chapter 10 – Forex Chart Patterns

Chapter 11 – Trendlines

Chapter 12 – Channels And How We Trade Them

Chapter 13 – The Importance Of Fibonacci

Chapter 14 – More Can Be Less With Technical Analysis

Chapter 15 – Common Indicators and Their Application

Chapter 16 – Combining Technical Indicators For Building Evidence For Action or Inaction

Course Section 15 Market Sentiment Analysis

Chapter 1 – Pippage in in the Eye of the Beholder

Chapter 2 – Practice Makes Perfect

Chapter 3 – Combining Strategies Strengthens Your Odds

Chapter 4 – Beginners, Beware False Prophecies

Course Section 17 Money Management and Executing Forex Trade Plans

Chapter 1 – Executing Forex Trade Plans

Chapter 2 – Social Trading

Course Section 19 How to Reduce Trading Costs and Become Part of the 5% Club

Chapter 1 – The Traps A Beginner Forex Trader Can Fall Into

Chapter 2 – Marketers

Chapter 3 – Beware the Bull of Binary Trading

Chapter 4 – Failed Promises and Services

Chapter 5 – Poor Money Management

Chapter 6 – No Reasoning Behind Market Positions





Course Section 2 What is Forex?

Chapter 1 – Forex and The Daily Volume

Chapter 2 – Background to the Forex Market. Currency Trading For Beginners

Chapter 3 – History of Floating Currencies

Chapter 4 – How Forex Works – A simple Guide

Chapter 5 – Learn The Forex Language

Course Section 4 Key Considerations For Opening A Forex Trading Account

Chapter 1 – Choosing Your Broker Is Ominous

Chapter 2 – Background To The Forex Broker System

Chapter 3 – Beware The Break You Brokers

Chapter 4 – Newbie Trader Beware

Chapter 5 – Blow Out The Binaries

Chapter 6 – Marketers Making More Than You

Chapter 7 – Understanding Key Forex Broker Terms – A Must For A Beginner Trader

Chapter 8 – Opening A Deal And Executing A Market Order

Chapter 9 – Profits And Pips

Chapter 10 – Forex Leverage And Margins

Chapter 11 – Your Choice Of Forex Charting Packages

Course Section 6 Flexible Forex Trading Sessions

Chapter 1 – Trade When You Want

Chapter 2 – Worldwide Trading Times – UK, US, OZ and The Orient

Chapter 3 – Market Liquidity is More Lucrative

Chapter 4 – Managing Your Trading Time

Chapter 5 – More To Do On Market Open – Your Trading Strategy

Course Section 8 Buy or Sell? Long or Short? Bullish or Bearish?

Chapter 1 – Which Direction To Trade

Chapter 2 – Are You a Bull or a Bear

Chapter 3 – Price Action and Potential Value Defines Position

Chapter 4 – Having It Both Ways

Course Section 10 How To Choose Which Markets To Trade

Chapter 1 – Creating Your Forex Portfolio

Chapter 2 – Principle Currencies

Chapter 3 – Major Currency Pairs

Chapter 4 – Money Management and Minimising Spreads

Course Section 12 Personal Trading Strategies and Styles

Chapter 1 – The Preferred Forex Strategy Or Technique….It All Depends

Chapter 2 – Intraday Trading or Day Trading

Chapter 3 – Long Term Trading or Position Trading

Course Section 14 Fundamental Market Analysis

Chapter 1 – The Importance of Fundamental Market Analysis

Chapter 2 – It’s The Economy, Cupid!

Chapter 3 – Price Reflects Economic Strength

Chapter 4 – Beware the Bolts Our of the Blue

Chapter 5 – Cyclical News Events and Keeping a Calendar For Analysis

Chapter 6 – Which Events Really Count?

Course Section 16 Trading Mindset and Market Psychology

Chapter 1 – Commit to Continual Learning

Chapter 2 – Trading During The Good Times and The Bad

Chapter 3 – Crowd Source Your Support Community

Chapter 4 – Greed

Chapter 5 – Losses – Never Chase

Chapter 6 – Money Management And Protecting Your Capital

Chapter 7 – Your Forex Trading Plan

Course Section 18 Forex Trading Strategies That Work

Chapter 1 – A List Of Successful Forex Trading Strategies

Chapter 2 – Trading Forex Reversals

Chapter 3 – Trading Market Breakouts

Chapter 4 – The Trend Trading Strategy

Chapter 5 – Price Action Trading

Chapter 6 – Candlestick Trading

Chapter 7 – Indicator Trading

Chapter 8 – Personal Strategy Development

Course Section 20 Starting Your Forex Training Journey – The FX Foundations Way

Chapter 1 – How The Beginner Can Succeed

Chapter 2 – Trading The FX Foundations Way

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