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Our Fund Is Doing Well, So Our Training Won’t Drain Yours.


At FX Foundations, our mission is simple: Everyone gets to live their dream of Forex financial freedom. And we mean everyone. If you’re short on time, short on cash, or even short on trust, you still deserve the same opportunity as those who are wealthy, successful traders. We were new traders once! And we know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re never going to make it. That’s why our courses are affordable, our systems are copy and paste, and our support is incredible. So if you’re ready to join the world of Forex, and look forward to the day you can quit your job, you’re ready to get started. 

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our students opinions and reviews below!

FXF Fund Training Programme Explained

The FXF Fund Training Programme is our most popular training course. Whether you are a beginner or someone looking to bridge the gap between retail and institutional trading, the FXF Training Course provides the perfect foundation for any would be or failing trader. This very personal and bespoke Training Programme is unrivaled in the industry.

FXF Fund Training Programme Benefits

Exclusive Fund Foundations Training Manual
2 x Group Fund Training Days
Exclusive Use Of Fund Software And Templates
Look Over The Shoulder Of Our Senior Traders
> The Chance To Join Our London Based Fund 

As a member you’ll have personal 1:1 access to an FXF Senior Trader to improve your trading plan, review trades, answer questions and offer success boosting advice. You will also  have the potential to join the FXF Private Equity Fund.

The FXF Funds’ mission is to empower people to gain financial control in their lives by sharing our broad experience of the financial markets. Our aim is to Hire Remote Traders with a minimum of $25k of Live Capital in order to see you progress your Trading Career. 

The Foundation Trading Programme consists of:

From Complete Beginner to Advanced Forex Training Course Material
> 8 weeks of course content and access to a Senior Trader
> Group Training Remote Forex Training Sessions and In Office 1 to 1 training
> Technical, Fundamental and Sentiment analysis explained in detail
> Multiple in-House Trading Strategies taught to students
> Insight into how Private Funds create Value and Profitable Portfolios
> Professional Market Signature Indicators
> Guaranteed access to Live Trading Funds and Remote Trader opportunities


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